About Me


“Art does not reproduce what we see;
rather, it makes us see”.


Hello / I am Emi Haze.


Graduated from the Institute

of Design in Verona with

a degree in Graphic Design

and Advertising Design.


I live in the north-east of Italy and my huge passion is digital art.
Art and painting connected to technology have always been my strongest passions.
In my opinion everything in every moment has an artistic side, the aesthetics of things, people around me... for me everything has its own importance, images, textures, sounds, fragrances, my creativity is costantly stimulated.

In my first works i focused on a graphic style based on construction and deconstruction of the human body using various tools and graphic effects that render it almost a sketch.
In my recent works I tried to merge the human body with nature or rather with the four elements of fire, air, water and earth, and even with a fifth esoteric element: the Aristotelian ether, that includes all the others, the essence of celestial bodies, eternal and unchangeable in comparison with the earth as a place of change.
The result is the vision of my imaginary world hanging between reality and fantasy, dream and utopia and in which color and sensitivity have the predominant role.

Photoshop is the software I prefer to conceive my works, in which I also include the digital version of hand-made elements, such as scratches and ink marks, acrylic or watercolor stains. The outcome is technically always appealing and intriguing.
Music is the key of this creative process. I could mention Sigur Rós, Radiohead, Bloc Party, Coldplay, Bjork etc.
I’m also fond of movies, I love every kind cinema, especially indie movies and art movies.

I collaborated with the agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners of San Francisco and Adobe to be part of the Photoshop 25th Anniversary special advertising campaign.
My artwork “Cosmogony Reloaded" is on the short film which was featured during the Academy Award Oscars 2015 ceremony. This film is also used in other media as part of an international bigger campaign.
Today it has been watched over 2 million times on YouTube and recently has achieved three awards at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2015, a Graphite Pencil D&AD Award, two AICP Awards and a nomination for Outstanding Commercial at Emmy Awards 2015.
My work “Cosmogony Reloaded” was also used on adobe.com to present the new features of Adobe Creative Cloud 2015.

My artworks have been published on Adobe, Adobe Photoshop, Wacom official pages and also on international digital arts magazines, a lot of specialized websites and are on sale in many online art galleries.



Adobe, Apple, Wacom, Microsoft, Samsung, The New York Times, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Armani, LG Electronics, McCann NY, Penguin Random House, Serif (Europe) Ltd - Affinity Photo, T Brand Studio, BenQ, McCann Health, Biosense Webster, Johnson & Johnson, Gaomon, Getty Images, WWF, Future PLC, Cantrell & Crowley, Plotagraph, Dirty Martini, Grapes Design, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Photoshop Creative Magazine, Hightone Publishing, Playing Arts, Zeixs, Digital Insight Magazine, Inspire Magazine, Practical Photoshop UK Magazine, TimeRide VR Köln, Sam Paganini, Safarà Editore, Impossible (Instant Film), Curioos, DOCMA Magazine, Vectoriel, Rage On, Customly, BottonShirt, Art&Curator Gallery, Pluvio Umbrella, ABFLY Magazine, Get Inspired Magazine, Trissed, CURATE Magazine, KLASSIK Magazine, CreativPaper Magazine, FRANK Magazine...others.



• IDA Design Awards of Los Angeles: Gold Winner 2015 in Multimedia / Online Advertising Design
• A' Design Award and Competition of Italy: Silver Winner 2016 in Photography and Photo Manipulation Design
• Book Frontispiece of the book "Important World Artists" Volume 2 by World Wide Art Books in California; one of the most authoritative sources of noteworthy artists from all over the world and a great chronicle of the plastic fine arts worldwide in the 21st Century.